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posted by [personal profile] emperor at 03:13pm on 28/03/2015 under ,
I saw votematch.org online, and thought it sounded interesting - and the setup looks like it's trying hard to be neutral.

You can see my results page here, but the short version is:

Green 95%
LibDem 74%
Labour 68%
Conservative 28%

[I said there was no chance I'd vote UKIP, so it didn't list them]. The site gets you to prioritise 9 areas, and then asks you 20 questions based on those priorities (i.e. things you say you think are important you get more questions about), where you agree/are neutral/disagree with a question (and can express the strength of that opinion). My questions were:

* There should be a limit on the amount landlords can increase rent each year
Me: agree (Green, Labour), LD neutral, Tory disagree

* The government's top priority should be cutting the budget deficit
Me: disagree (Green), LD/Lab neutral, Tory agree

* Public spending should be maintained at at least current levels
Me: agree (Green), LD neutral, Tory/Lab disagree

* The government should set targets for carbon emission reduction
Me: agree (Tory,Lab,LD,Green)

* The government should allow 'fracking'
Me: disagree (Green), Tory/LD/Lab agree

* The government should raise new taxes to fund the NHS
Me: agree (Green,Lab,LD), Tory disagree

* Private companies should be able to compete for all NHS contracts
Me: disagree (Green,Lab), LD neutral, Tory agree

* University tuition fees should be reduced
Me: neutral, Tory/LD disagree, Green/Lab agree

* All primary school children should get free school meals regardless of household income
Me: agree (LD,Green), Tory/Lab disagree

* The UK is better off in the EU
Me: agree (Green,LD,Lab), Tory neutral

* Rules for benefit claimants should be tougher
Me: disagree (LD,Green), Lab neutral, Tory agree

* The tax rate on personal income above £150k a year should be increased to 50%
Me: agree (Lab,Green), Tory/LD disagree

* The 'bedroom tax' should be scrapped
Me: agree (Lab,Green), Tory/LD disagree

* Winter fuel payments should only be available to pensioners on low incomes
Me: agree (LD), Lab neutral, Tory/Green disagree

* The government should cut UK foreign aid
Me: disagree (Tory,Lab,LD,Green)

* The government should cancel the High Speed 2 rail link
Me: neutral, Green agree, Tory/LD/Lab disagree

* The government should have the power to read anyone's digital communications
Me: disagree (LD,Green,Lab), Tory agree

* No one should be imprisoned for possession of drugs for personal use
Me: agree (Green,LD), Tory/Lab disagree

* Only skilled immigrants should be allowed to move to the UK
Me: disagree (Tory,Lab,LD,Green)

* Immigrants should have to wait at least 2 years before claiming unemployment benefits
Me: disagree (LD,Green), Tory/Lab agree

This is all a bit academic, because I live in a safe Tory seat, but I thought it was interesting to see how much or little I agree with the main parties.

[I wasn't sure whether to post this f'locked or public - if you feel strongly either way, please comment]
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posted by [personal profile] uitlander at 03:34pm on 28/03/2015
I am apparently 78% Green and 60% Labour which is roughly the order I thought they would come in. That matches my general voting pattern for the last few years.

However as South Cambs is a Tory heartland this is all about saving someone's deposit.
posted by [identity profile] kotturinn.livejournal.com at 08:00pm on 28/03/2015
I left all parties in out of curiosity, although I'd never vote Conservative or UKIP...
posted by [identity profile] vyvyan.livejournal.com at 10:19am on 29/03/2015
I get 99% Green, 68% Labour, 60% LD. Just as well really, as a party member!
posted by [identity profile] cartesiandaemon.livejournal.com at 10:20am on 29/03/2015
Some of those answers are more informative that I was expecting!

But I'm always skeptical of "who should you vote for" quizzes, even when well done, because they're often based on what the parties or candidates SAY they'll do. Whereas I tend to evaluate the parties differently depending on size. For the largest parties, I tend to assume their previous track record is a better guide to how much they're going to decry the other party and then turn around and do basically the same thing but 10% less (I usually guess lots). Whereas for small parties, I assume only their top few priorities matter, and everything else sends a little message, but is unlikely to make a difference.

Hence, even if labour said "we hate all the bad things the last government's done and we're going to reverse it all" I don't really want to vote as if that's what I'd actually get. And there are green policies I disagree with (or were recently) but I hope are not the ones they'll pick to focus on.
posted by [identity profile] naath.livejournal.com at 09:11am on 30/03/2015
I agree. Also I think "who is likely to win here" is often an important factor.

Votematch think I agree most with the Greens. I agree, I do. But I also live in Cambridge which is a Lib/Lab marginal and *really* like Julian, which I think is more important.


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