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I've been thinking for a while that I'd like to make an android app (basically, a dealing sheet - a friend has an online one, but I'd like one that would work offline and that could do simple things like keeping the display on for long enough for me to deal ;). I'm aware that the default way to do this is writing java (a language I've mostly avoided so far, and that seems to love boilerplate), but I'm wondering if there are plausible alternatives (I spotted Kivy via WP which seems python-based - any good?) and/or if anyone has useful pointers. Vague desiderata:

1) I can use my regular text editor to write code
2) As Free as is possible given mobile OSs :-/
3) Plausibly portable to iOS should someone feel like it

I expect to end up with something to distribute via F-Droid.
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My current phone is a Samsung Galaxy S II, but it is now damaged beyond economic repair[0]. So I need a new one. Desiderata:
  • Not much bigger than my current phone (125.3x66.1x8.49mm) so it still fits in my pockets!
  • Android or similar (see below)
  • Decent camera
  • Easy to transfer files to Linux (Kies Air works quite well; jmtpfs isn't bad in Debian squeeze)
  • Not vastly expensive
  • Available unlocked
  • Will get plausible updates

The apps I make most use of currently are the web-browser and email clients, the Met Office app, the torch, and the camera. I also use google maps (and navfree when abroad) and the ssh client, gstrings (a tuner app), the wifi analyser, a metronome, UnTappd, and the Good Beer Guide. After an initial flurry of game-playing (I played a lot of PvZ, and some Archipelago), I seem to have largely stopped.

The things that have annoyed me about this phone are mostly the google apps that you can't remove, and then have filled up some special storage for updates so I can't download updates any more, even though I have loads of space on my SD card and have moved all the apps I can there. The lack of an Android update (it's still on 4.1.2) recently leaves me a bit concerned about security, too.

I don't want to go iOS, which I think means I'm stuck with Android if I want anything resembling enough apps? Although presumably I could install cyanogen-mod (is that plausibly safe these days?). There are Ubuntu phones, but I think they don't really have apps to cover my use cases?

The obvious replacement would be a Galaxy 6 or 7, although they are a bit larger. Any other things I should be looking at?

[0] screen is cracked, and repair is about £150, which for a 4-year-old phone is daft (I could get a new S 2 for that!)
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posted by [personal profile] emperor at 10:58pm on 11/12/2011 under
Dear Lazyweb,

On the way home, I probably have a few hours in New York, specifically Newark International Airport (I'm due to arrive (by air) at 13:59, and my plane home leaves at 19:30); should I be attempting to get into New York in that time window (bearing in mind missing my plane home would be Really Really Really Bad (TM)) given I hate buses? If so, what should I be trying to see? It'll be a Thursday afternoon...
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A while back, a friend gave me some chilli plants. Sadly, they came with free aphids. I've tried moving the plants outside, bring them in with a ladybird on, and a fruit-and-veg bug-killer spray (which contains Pyrethrum). There are still aphids. They had a bit of a field day while I was away, but while spraying seems to kill most (all?) of the obvious aphids, if I wait a few days, they appear again.

I'm not quite sure what to do - should I try spraying more often even if I can't spot any aphids in the hopes that'll kill any small ones before they reproduce, or move on to other approaches? To be honest, I'm less looking for control and more for maximum deletion, as the Cybermen would say...
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Anyone know a good way to get oil off a brick driveway? Our car isn't keeping the oil in as well as I'd like[0], and the mess needs clearing up. Assume for the moment that I don't have a pressure washer or a desire to spend £££ on the problem...

[0] yes, I'm trying to get that fixed...
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Is there a standard warm-up / set of warm-ups for singers? I mean more for a group than for an individual.

I know how I like to warm up, but I think I'm rather odd. When I've directed choirs in the past, I've just sort of made something up (scales, some easy music with lots of good vowel sounds, that sort of thing), but presumably someone has thought about this in a more systematic way?
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I used to be pretty on top of new early music releases, since I did a radio show and had access to quite a good music shop. Now, though, I'm very out of the loop, and Coventry has no shop where I may browse new early music recordings :(

So, can anyone recommend a good website / blog where I might seek inspiration for new CDs to aquire?
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I inherited our current Hoover from my late grandmother, and it's beginning to show its age - I was cleaning up last week before a house inspection, and the carpet still looked like it needed hoovering, even after I'd hoovered it! So, it is time to replace it. The obvious options would be a Henry (the cattery I worked in had these, and they seemed pretty good, although some seem to want to use bags, which is a definite minus), or a Dyson. Dyson's are considerably more expensive (but also more shiny, and if I order online they'll recycle my old Hoover too). So...

[Poll #1575327]
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I have a recipe book (published in Crete, in an English translation) that calls for "baking pan (No 35)".

Despite a fair chunk of googling, I cannot find any indication as to how big a cake tin this might be. Anyone know?

Thanks :)
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What's the Belgian idiom(s) for "Not known at this address, return to sender"?

(I know there is no such language, FTAOD)


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